This air tanker has it backwards

In this commercial that alert reader Devin saw on NBC television today, the air tanker in the video appears to be dropping gasoline instead of fire retardant. A how-this-commercial-was-made blog post admits it was “simulated flammable liquid”, but it’s an interesting advertisement. The blog article is dated June, 2012.

Devin noticed that the C-130 looks similar to Coulson’s C-130H, but the aircraft in this video, N466TM, is described at Flightware as a C-130A registered to TBM Inc., at Tulare, California. It was last tracked at Dubois, PA on March 7, 2012. The blog article referenced above is dated June, 2012. The paint job is similar to Tanker 67, N531BA, a C-130A that is also registered to TBM.

9 thoughts on “This air tanker has it backwards”

  1. In the commercial where it shows the tank and “flammable” sign, there is “TANKER 64” painted on the tank. Look at the 0:11 mark.

  2. Good ole’ Tanker 64… “The french connection”…

    A shame that TBM’s C130’s aren’t considered by USFS.

  3. Jerome- they were part of the great purge that got rid of all the “old”
    Airtankers. C-130A’s any given 4-engine Douglas, replaced by??
    Been around 64 in my Butler days…
    There is no reason for these ships (P-3s too) to be gone…

  4. Yes indeed, she is Tanker 64. I was flight mechanic on the photo shoot, and have still pictures of the tank installed as well as the crew with camera rigs. The pilot is retired AF Col. Ron Boston, co-pilot retired US Navy and United Airlines Capt. John Arp., Flt. Engineer Fritz Wester, and myself as crew chief. We operated from Barstow airport CA. It was fun and challenging for all of us. Acft also used in making the Verizon 4G LTE dive commercial. My first two works with film crews. Great times!!

  5. T64: From 1998 until 2002. crew Pat Leroux, Jerome Laval, Mark Hughes

    What a crew! Great memories…………… !
    Fantastic Airplane and Tanker !
    The Rads (Tank system) is brilliant! Coulson was well inspired when he bought the rights for this Tank and a C130….

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