Air tankers positioned at Boise

Tanker 162
Tanker 162 at Boise. NIFC photo.

The National Interagency Fire Center posted these photos on their Facebook page today, with the following text:

What’s Happening at NIFC these days? There are 4 heavy airtankers awaiting assignment, along with 2 SEATS. These pics are of one of the Next Gen Airtankers. In the foreground is the hose on wheels that fills these guys up with retardant!

The air tanker shown above is Aero Flite’s Tanker 162, an RJ85. It does not have an exclusive use contract, but is one of the 22 air tankers that were recently awarded Call When Needed contracts.

NIFC does not say in which aircraft the interior photo below was taken, but we’re guessing it was the RJ85, Tanker 162. They also don’t say when the photos were taken or by whom.

Interior of an air tanker
Interior of an air tanker at Boise. NIFC photo.

8 thoughts on “Air tankers positioned at Boise”

  1. The bracing on the interior of the aircraft is interesting. It almost looks like the attaching points have bearings or bushings. Not sure though. Very clean concept, as you would expect from Conair. I wonder how much the tank effected the aerodynamics this mod made on the aircrafts performance?

    1. Interesting. At first the braces looked to me like pipes that could be connecting to the top of tank from one side to the other for liquid or air transfer. Maybe they serve two functions, structural, and liquid or air transfer between sides of the tank.

      1. They’re simply structural braces. They do not hold liquid. Remember that the external tank of the RJ extends well up the side of the fuselage at the level of the top of those internal hangars.

  2. With bracing like that and be attached to the wouldn’t surprise as it being a possible cradling for the tank….

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