Simulator for a fire retardant dispersal system

Simulator fire retardant dispersal system
Screen grab from the simulator for a fire retardant dispersal system from Trotter Controls.

David Benson of Trotter Controls sent us information about a simulator for their fire retardant dispersal system. The company makes the GENII firegate and controller for Air Tractor AT-802F single engine air tankers. Anyone with a Windows-based computer can download the program to train with the system.

Here’s how they describe the simulator:

This Windows-based simulator allows pilots to operate a virtual Fire Retardant Dispersal System (FRDS) and firegate from a personal computer. This is great training for new SEAT pilots and is just downright FUN. The simulator is a free download.

Whether you already own an FRDS GEN II, or you’re just considering an upgrade to the FRDS GEN II, you should check out the app. You’ll be amazed at how simple operating the world’s premier fire gate truly is.


3 thoughts on “Simulator for a fire retardant dispersal system”

  1. Don’t kid yourself

    With the new Garmin and what not series of glass cockpits and wizardry in GA and “bidness” aircraft let alone airlines

    I would imagine some pilots would like a little offline non evaluated time on simulators to keep skills sharp

    Never thought I would say it….

    But no matter how simple it is to the “Children of the Magenta Line”

    Somehow having a little edge before entering the cockpit and engaging “heads down” electronic application to an already overtaxed single pilot environment, seems like a liiiiitle bit of help!!

  2. Hi Andream,
    While the FRDS is very simple on operate, there are several things the pilot needs to know how to do.
    1. Operate the system
    2. Run a simple daily automated self test that checks all valves, electronics, and hydraulics
    3. Know how to use the redundant systems to open the doors when needed.
    4. The simulator produces different failure scenarios so the pilot can react and jettison his load

    Preparation for failures and the ability for the pilot react properly is what the simulator is about.

    We provide world class training and training materials to make sure that pilots are effective and can operate as safely as possible.

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