Memorial constructed for the crew of Tanker 11

On Saturday, June 3, families, friends, and coworkers gathered at the Bureau of Land Management’s Interagency Fire Center at the Cedar City Airport in Utah. They were there to honor the two pilots who died June 3, 2012 when the air tanker they were flying, Tanker 11, a P2V, crashed on the White Rock Fire near the Utah-Nevada border west of Cedar City. Killed that day were Captain Todd Tompkins and First Officer Ron Chambless, pilots for Neptune Aviation.

Tanker 11 at Libby Army Airfield, AZ, 6-15-2011 photo by Ned Harris
File photo of Tanker 11 at Libby Army Airfield, AZ, June 15, 2011. Photo by Ned Harris

A year ago firefighters in Utah began raising funds to purchase and install two 5-foot tall granite obelisks engraved with the names of the two fallen comrades and featuring a color image of Tanker 11. They were designed to be placed at the crash site, along with an interpretive sign detailing the events.

Saturday after the ceremony at Cedar City, nearly 100 people traveled to see the finished product. The following four photos were provided by Kris Bruington.

HERE is a link to Google Maps directions to the memorial site if you’re traveling from Cedar City.

Tanker 11 memorial Tanker 11 memorial

There are at least two well written online articles about the ceremony honoring the pilots, here and here.

The photos below show the firefighters installing the obelisks.

Tanker 11 memorial Tanker 11 memorial

The same day Tanker 11 crashed in 2012, the pilots of another P2V survived a harrowing landing at Minden, Nevada when only one main landing gear and the nose gear were able to be lowered and locked on Tanker 55 operated by Minden. That accident was captured on video.