Norwegians use a Bambi Bucket to fill a pumpkin

Check out this video, in which teamwork pays off in Norway when you’re using a helicopter and a 766-gallon Bambi Bucket to fill a portable water storage tank, or “pumpkin”.

Via Bambi Bucket.

3 thoughts on “Norwegians use a Bambi Bucket to fill a pumpkin”

    1. Only been to B.C. once on a fire assignment but remember the B.C. Forest Service helitack talking about this technique

  1. Looks like belly hook job, alot of downwash. This would never happen for the USFS, they would send you back for an extra 50′. I have filed a lot of Klump tanks or pumpkins with a long line ( up to 250 feet) and bambi bucket. It is a very effective way to have gravity fed water to pea hose lines if the pumpkin is on a ridge line. But there is no one around the bucket to stabilize the drop when it is being inserted so takes a steady hand. Very fun work.

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