Air tanker 116 at Redding

tanker 116 HC-130H

The U.S. Forest Service distributed these photos Thursday of air tanker 116 at Redding, California. Normally the aircraft is based at McClellan Air Field in Sacramento, but it ventured north for “aerial firefighter training”.

The agency did not specify if the lawn chairs in the shade are part of the regular equipment inventory on the aircraft.

This plane is one of seven HC-130H’s that are transitioning from the Coast Guard to the USFS. The program has experienced delays but is expected to be complete by the end of this decade.

tanker 116 HC-130H tanker 116 HC-130H

5 thoughts on “Air tanker 116 at Redding”

  1. There was also a California Air National Guard M.A.F.F.S tail number 6 at Redding at the same time along with multiple CalFire aircraft. Got to see them from the viewing area at the R.A.A.B, pretty impressive!

  2. I don’t know if using the term “air tanker” is appropriate. Aerosol 116. The drop pattern and coverage levels are inconsistent with current private sector air tankers drop performance.

    1. The MAFF system meets all of the criteria that any other approved tanker does. It’s pattern is narrower but it meets C.L. requirements.

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