7 thoughts on “Nine air tanker drops in just over a minute”

  1. This event occured this summer, south of France, close to Istres aera, 10 august 2017 around 7 PM with strong winds, so all aircraft available were sent to stop this fire before the night. Two Q400MR, 1 S2F Firecat, 2 helicopters, 1 Beech 200 and a Cessna 208 were also involved in this operation.

    And the fire was quickly stopped !

  2. As per Bill Gabbert’s prescription –“for keeping new fires from becoming megafires” –rapid initial attack with overwhelming force ”
    Interesting how foreign government agencies seem to a step ahead of ours . Worse than that ,now we have no CL -415’s under contract ! I personally was able to see the efficiency of the scoopers on Flathead Lake last summer, [ Blue Bay fire ] . about 500 yards from my home . These are very impressive aircraft and we should have many of these stationed at pertinent locations [lakes[ ;throughout the Northwest and ,Califiornia.

  3. these C415 can drop approximately 2000 leaders a second ?, There really good firefighting aircraft only one problem they need a fairly large nearby body of water to refill.

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