DC-10 air tanker conducts spring training then is activated a month early

Above: Tanker 912, a DC-10, follows a U.S. Forest Service lead plane and makes a water drop during training Wednesday, April 6, 2016. 10 Tanker photo.

10 Tanker Air Carrier has been conducting annual training and for their DC-10 crews this week near Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Wednesday evening, April 6, they started their first contract a month earlier than planned and moved Tanker 912 to the air tanker base in Roswell, New Mexico to standby for the fires in Oklahoma.

We read a news report yesterday saying a very large air tanker was available for the Oklahoma blazes, but thought it must have been an error. Apparently not.

Aircraft over the North Fire

Citation lead plane
One of the two Cessna Citation jet-powered lead planes under contract with the BLM. North Fire.

I took these photos of the television screen as Los Angeles Channel 7 was covering the North Fire — the carmeddon fire that trapped scores of vehicles on Interstate 15 in southern California, burning 22 of them.

The temperature on the screen says 76 degrees, but that must have been at downtown Los Angeles, because about that time it was 88 degrees in San Bernardino, not too far from the fire.

air tanker 105 North Fire
Tanker 105, an MD-87, on the North Fire.
Tanker 912, a DC-10
Tanker 912, a DC-10, just beginning a drop on the North Fire.

DC-10 air tankers on the Washington Fire

Tanker 911 DC-10

Ryan Coulter took these photos of two of the DC-10 air tankers making drops on the Washington Fire, June 22, 2015, near Markleeville, California. The photo above is Tanker 911, and Tanker 912 is below. The DC-10s carry 11,600 gallons of retardant, compared to the 2,000 to 4,000 gallons other large air tankers can hold.

Click the photos to see larger versions.

Thanks Ryan!

Tanker 912 DC-10

Tanker 912 arriving in Medford, Oregon

air tanker 912 DC-10
Tanker 912, a DC-10, arriving in Medford, OR June 17, 2015. Photo by Tim Crippin.

Tim Crippin sent us this photo, along with a description:

Tanker 912 arriving in Medford just before noon today (June 17th) for the Buckskin fire. It worked along with Tanker 161 to drop retardant on the east and south containment lines in preparation for a planned burnout tomorrow.

The following morning, June 18, it was dispatched to the Lake Fire in southern California east of San Bernardino and had an ETA of noon. Air Attack on the Lake Fire requested for it arrive with a load of retardant. Air Attack said that fire has the potential to grow to 50,000 acres in two days.

Thanks Tim.

Very small people pose with very large air tanker

Tanker 912
This is the Kindergarten class from the Monzano School in Albuquerque. On February 20, 2015 they took a tour of Air Tanker 912, a DC-10, and got their picture taken with Amy and Anselm from the 10 Tanker Air Carrier maintenance crew. Photo by 10 Tanker Air Carrier.

I love this photo that was posted today on the 10 Tanker Air Carrier Facebook page.

Below is a photo we took of the rest of a DC-10, Tanker 910, in 2013.

Tanker 910, DC-10, photo by Bill Gabbert

DC-10 dropping downhill on the Silverado Fire

This video was shot on September 12 and is tagged Silverado Fire at LiveLeak. It may be the same drop made by Tanker 912, a DC-10, shown in the photo below which was taken on the fire the same day. We posted the photo and more information about the Silverado fire on Wildfire Today.

T-912 Silverado Fire
Tanker 912, a DC-10, drops on the Silverado Fire September 12, 2014. Photo by Initial Attack Fire Media. (click to enlarge)