Grand Canyon helicopter makes cover of FAA handbook

Grand Canyon ship, FAA helicopter handbook
Grand Canyon ship, FAA helicopter handbook
Grand Canyon ship, FAA helicopter handbook

According to the National Park Service’s Facebook page, the Grand Canyon National Park Helicopter made the cover of the FAA’s Helicopter Flying Handbook.

It is interesting that the FAA Photoshopped-off the N-number and other identification. Below is an NPS photo of the ship taken from Grand Canyon’s brochure for their Helicopter Training Academy.

Grand Canyon NP helicopter
Grand Canyon NP helicopter

The US Forest Service removed the identification from the P2V in the photo below which is on their Air Tanker contract web page, and was also on their 2011 Air Tanker Contract:

P2V without identification

2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon helicopter makes cover of FAA handbook”

  1. That’s a very common practice in the Government. If there was ANY reference to a single company somebody would get their feelings hurt and have to sue. Of course by removing the tanker number or N number nobody can figure out who owns them…..


    In that small of a world….especially on a USFS contract page…no one could tell who is flying P2’s???

    RealllllllY??? that is quite humorous on their part. FAA products on the other hand go to more than just one venue of civilian aviation……..ever wonder why those questions get asked at air shows about firefighting FW and RW aircraft?? PR folks PR….be happy they did not someone elses NOTAR

    But as Kenny said…..feelings have or might get hurt

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