The Flyboys – Summer of ’88

It’s not exactly a training film, but you might enjoy this 11-minute music video about aerial firefighters during the fires of 1988. This could be the first time you’ve ever seen a guitar player wearing Nomex gloves!


Thanks go out to Dennis.

6 thoughts on “The Flyboys – Summer of ’88”

  1. OMG! This is the best aerial firefighting video ever! Standby breeds incredible creativity! Where are these boys now?

  2. Where are they now: Larry Young retired 10 years ago as the head of Training for the Office Of Aircraft Servcie. Still lives in ID. Bernie Lionberger retired around 7 years ago as the FAO of the ID Panhandle and lives in MT. Dennis Hulbert retired 3 years ago as the RAO in R-5 and lives in CA. And they did almost get fired over this.

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