Entries for Photoshop contest, ads on air tankers

Jerome Laval P3

We have received some entries in our Photoshop contest. As you may remember, it was inspired by Colorado State Senator Steve King who said he would be introducing a bill in the legislature this week to establish a fleet of aerial firefighting resources for the state. In addition, he suggested this:

Can you imagine what advertising value would be if you had a Colorado Rockies sign on the tail of slurry bomber?

Below are the submissions we received. Thanks Vincent, Jerome, Walt, and Tim. I think they are all excellent!

Which one do you like best? Be sure and vote in the poll.

Vincent Laval BE-200
BE-200, by Vincent Laval
Jerome Laval P3
P3, by Jerome Laval
Walt Darran DC-10
DC-10, by Walt Darran
Tim Holmes P2V
P2V, by Tim Holmes

(UPDATE: voting on the contest has ended.)

Which design for an ad on an air tanker do you like best?

  • P3 (47%, 70 Votes)
  • P2V (27%, 40 Votes)
  • BE-200 (the one above, not below) (19%, 28 Votes)
  • DC-10 (7%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 148

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The one below came in from Vincent after the deadline, so it’s not part of the contest or the poll.

Beriev Be-200 vincent

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6 thoughts on “Entries for Photoshop contest, ads on air tankers”

  1. Not a new idea. Just happens that a State Senator is bringing some light and media attention on the matter..
    With budget decreasing, a partnership between a State and private sponsors (1 or a consortium) to share would help the situation.

    After all, voters and consumers are the same people to be protected…


  2. What other companies would be good candidates for advertising on air tankers? What about Allstate Insurance or SERVPRO Fire & Water Damage Cleanup?

    1. How about Cabelas logo on the fuselage with the tanker number superimposed over and Elk on the tail?

    The grounding of the Blue Angels (which I think is just WRONG) may shut down Fleet Week in San Francisco.
    What we need is a sponsor! Now who would be a great sponsor? “Ladies and gentlemen, THE BLUE ANGELS!! Brought to you with the generous support of ……………………. ”

    Who would make a great sponsor?
    Oh wait, I know. Canada!

  4. Think grounding Blue Angels is bad?

    Try one-third (1/3) of USAF combat aircraft are being grounded….

    Think folks in the land management agencies got it bad during sequestration??

    Try the military….they are losing more than any LMA will ever know……shedding missions, aircraft and personnel….some folks will say rightfully so and most of us that served during any periods in the last 20 yrs will see reductions like 1986 and maybe even worse

    This stuff will REALLLY start being noticed in short order

  5. State Sen. King obviously has no clue what 120 day heavy air tanker contracts cost. Let alone once they fly. And is the state going to build it’s own airtanker bases? Or expect to mooch of the feds. Nice political grandstanding Sen. King, but the first tanker to crash with a State Farm logo on its tail will send them all running for the hills.

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