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Comments? We love comments, but…

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We encourage you to comment on any subjects you see here on Fire Aviation. Intelligent contributions from our readers can add greatly to everyone’s experience. So, let us hear from you!

But, here are the rules:

  1. Be civil. “Flaming” of other writers is not allowed. Neither are crude, rude, profane, mean-spirited comments, hate, or personal attacks that fail to add to the overall discourse. Name calling is strongly discouraged, however the site’s administrator reserves the right to use the term “idiot” when it is richly deserved. Offensive language and unsubstantiated allegations are not allowed.
  2. Be on topic, accurate, and helpful. And if you want folks to read your comment, and future ones, consider spell-check; and, concise and to the point is better than verbose and rambling.
  3. Advertising is not allowed.
  4. Politics will not be discussed, unless it directly affects wildland fire or firefighters.
  5. Criticizing firefighting tactics, based on seeing a photo or a video, is ridiculous. If you have a serious question, in order to learn,  ask it. But don’t say a firefighter or aviator 1,000 miles away screwed up, based on an image you saw.

We reserve the right to remove any comments. This site is not a democracy. One of our objectives is that it will be enjoyable for you and for the creator of the site. The administrator may remove any comment for his completely arbitrary or capricious reasons. His site, his rules. Fire Aviation is not responsible for the accuracy of the comments or opinions expressed therein.

You have 365 days to comment on an article. After that, comments are closed.

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Typos, let us know HERE. And, please keep in mind our commenting ground rules before you post a comment.

One thought on “Comments? We love comments, but…”

  1. ruh-roh.
    Did I say something (again) to piss someone off???

    …….. LOL just kidding Gabbert. Nice post.

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