Tanker 910’s engine problem

Tanker 910's engine problem, Beaver Creek Fire
Tanker 910’s engine problem, Beaver Creek Fire

It’s just a guess, but what you see in this photo of Tanker 910 over the Beaver Fire in Idaho may be evidence of what led to the replacement of the number two engine last week. The image is a screen grab from the video below which has many excellent still images from the Beaver Creek Fire.

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3 thoughts on “Tanker 910’s engine problem”

  1. As a former Tanker Co-pilot it always behooves me (Ala Ernest K. Gann) to look up when a tanker is flying/operating in the vicinity.(this goes for Helos too.) to see if there is smoke,retardant, or water trailing.
    sometimes you can’t see what is going on until something alarming is happening on the engine gauges. Then, it might be what it has just _ceased_ doing.

  2. Ahhhhhh.. yes …TG…”Fate is the Hunter”

    A fine read

    And yes Number 2 engine is giving a liiiitle indication of impending issues……

    1. “Fate is The Hunter” is a very good book, helped get me interested in aviation as a teen. Gann was a very gifted writer, still have a copy that I read parts of when the mood strikes.

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