Type 1 helicopters on contract

Below is a list of the 34 Type 1 helicopters on exclusive use contract this year. They all expire in April, 2016.

Helicopter contracts, Type 1, Exclusive Use

The list was extremely hard to get. We first asked for it on April 16, 2013, hoping to receive it well before the western wildfire season got underway. We were told that the list was only available if we filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, which we did. After many delays, uncounted emails, excuses, and receiving incorrect information, we finally got it yesterday, September 26, five months after asking for it.

It is absurd that this information about how taxpayers’ money is being spent is not easily available to citizens. It is especially stupid, since similar data about air tankers has been available for years on the National Interagency Fire Center web site. We asked the U.S. Forest Service yesterday why the information about helicopters requires a FOIA request to obtain. The spokesperson in Boise we talked to said they would check and get back to us. If we receive an answer, we will post it here.

President Obama’s written policy on open government is very different from that being demonstrated by the U.S. Forest Service.

White House, open government

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3 thoughts on “Type 1 helicopters on contract”

  1. Being unable to obtain the requested information in a timely and easy manner is a sure sign of a dysfunctional program and management. They never got the message of Obama’s on open government. I’m surprised it’s not in the contract for Type I helicopters that should be in the hands of every manager.

  2. Once a few fires escape in the West all these helicopters are banging around like ping pong balls in a glass box. That is how the system works. Forget the initial attack and roll the steam table and shower unit.

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