Video of DC-10 drop on the Jojo Fire in Washington

A video of a DC-10 air tanker dropping on a fire in Washington, August, 2013.

Tony Duprey uploaded this video to YouTube August 11, 2013. His description

T-911, Jojo fire, Yakima Agency, Wa. Coverage level 3, start stop. This is the 2nd split .. 8000 gallons. With Lead 41 – (great job). Dozers were able to walk through the black and build dozer line in the retardant..Nice job fella’s!! Total team effort.

Be sure you watch the last few seconds, showing where the retardant landed.

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One thought on “Video of DC-10 drop on the Jojo Fire in Washington”

  1. The rest of this story is that the fire continued to “back” (smolder) through the retardant. What the retardant did do, as it was supposed to do, was buy time for the ground forces to complete an inside out attack on this flank of the fire. In this case that ground resource was a dozer who walked up through the black (good hard safety black) and anchored the flank at a fuel bare and build direct dozer line on the whole mesa. A hand crew coming direct from the other direction in SP2H retardant tied in to the dozer line completing the containment line.

    This (west) flank of the fire had been actively backing (2-3 ft flame lengths) against the wind and was a perfect target for retardant. The ATGS trainee directed the dozer to an old road through the black from a road on the north end of the fire. All resources being in sync and good communication toward a common objective accomplished containment of this fire.

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