Commemorating air tanker pilots in Spain

43 GrupoAnother video has been produced about the 43rd Grupo (Group) Firefighting Squadron of the Spanish Air Force commissioned in 1971 when the first Canadair CL-215 arrived in the country. During four decades and 150,000 flight hours, the Squadron has suffered 9 fatal accidents, with a total of 15 casualties and the loss of 25% of its fleet. War-fighting in peace time. Ten years have passed since that last accident, and this video honors those young aviators who gave it all.

Other 43 Grupo videos can be found at Wildfire Today.

2011 was an especially bad year for aerial firefighters in Spain. At least 11 firefighters died in accidents involving helicopters and a single engine air tanker.


Thanks go out to Hidros

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3 thoughts on “Commemorating air tanker pilots in Spain”

  1. Another great video from a country that I aid bet did not do 11 studies to discount the use of 215/ 415 as a viable ship

    AND surely other countries honor their Airtanker drivers…maybe US Government “customers” could do the same rather tba n seeing these folks and machinery as mere tools in the toolbox…..

  2. Very moving and well done.
    It sure would be great to see a similar video clip to honor US aerial fire fighters who didn’t return…

    A dedicated museum would help too.
    Static display of Tankers, archives, photos…

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