Helitorch video

Excellent video of a heli-torch operation.

This is the best video I have seen of a helitorch operation.

More information about helitorch operations.

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One thought on “Helitorch video”

  1. holycow, Gabbert, YES, that’s just lovely. I got to ride along with a pilot back in about ’97 or so, on a helitorch job that Henderson Aviation (Junction City) did south of Roseburg, Oregon.

    They were burning off some steep-as-a-cow’s-face slopes with heavy slash in Douglas County, and I did a little story with some photos for WILDLAND FIREFIGHTER Magazine — the “father of the helitorch” story.
    Henderson at the time was working on developing FLIR (etc.) with JetRangers and a communications trailer on the ground with video feeds. Talk about being ahead of the curve, there’s a little company that was …….

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