2013 Airtanker and Water Scooper Forum

The U.S. Forest Service has scheduled an “Airtanker and Water Scooper Forum” to be held in Boise November 19-20, 2013. Today they posted a notice about it at the GSA site that is normally used for solicitations about contracts and requests for proposals, fbo.gov — an odd way to advertise a conference. It even has a Solicitation Number (SN-2014-01). But, almost everything the federal government does concerning fire aviation is odd.

This is rather short notice for a meeting like this.

The topics include:

  • Questions (preferably submitted in advance) and answers.
  • Review of accidents.
  • Future strategy for airtankers, VLATs, and water scoopers: next-gen, legacy, budgets, fleet design, aerial supervision, policy and operational changes, pilot practical test standards.
  • Contracts Q&A.
  • Aviation audits.
  • Technology: ATU, AFF, AFUE.
  • Aviation program updates: FAS-AVID report, night flying, public aircraft operations, retardant avoidance areas.

More information about the “Forum”.
The agenda.
Registration form.

Speaking of aviation, I checked into air fares between Rapid City and Boise and was shocked — $858 was the lowest. Holy Crap. RAP is expensive to fly out of because of a lack of competition.

Thankfully, as far as I know there is no admission fee to attend the Forum.

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5 thoughts on “2013 Airtanker and Water Scooper Forum”

  1. Why, yes it odd, Bill

    But one has to remember this is the “Area 51” of the contract world and because the GSA and USFS thinks this is so elite that they can not put it out in the normal channels of aviation or they do not want us riff raff of the other side of the aviation world to chime in.

    Short notice to CYA the upcoming contract season and to head it off at the pass under the “safety flag” and the related SMS to check that box off.

    Usually these so called “forums” are held at the HAI, NBAA, AOPA, EAA,ALEA, and other professional aviation conventions. That should be a question the operators put out to GSA and USFS.

    In a solicitation website? Yes it is odd. Short notice? Surely

    Try some towns to the SE in other States with a 250K population or even smaller such as Chadron, NE or Scottsbluff, NE to towns like DEN, MSP and others and you will see approx same prices

    Oh yeah and the AVID report will be addressed….how about the RAND report? Oh yeah…..the Water Scooper Forum……they finally read the RAND report that the US paid 840K for …for what we in the aviation business have known for 20 plus years about Scoopers…….once again the USFS is late in catching the bus, as per usual when some States and few Fed agencies have ALREADY been using them for YEAAAARS. Looks like Scoopers can be filled from ground sources ….spell tankers or hydrants. But you can not educate the few for the masses!!!!!

    2014……….It is going to be a fun year

  2. As usual Leo is right. This whole thing is a bit fishy
    I’m going to see if any of my tanker contact know about
    this little clambake…

  3. A bit of a long drive, but I can make it there and back in a day. Would it be cheaper for you to fly into Portland, OR Bill? Or Spokane, WA?

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