USFS awards 31 contracts for Type 2 helicopters

Bell 205A-1 at Salmon ID
Bell 205A-1 at Salmon, ID August 12, 2012, registered to Heligroup Fire. Photo by Bill Gabbert.

Yesterday the USFS awarded 31 exclusive use contracts for Type 2 helicopters. The award period began December 17 and ends April 30, 2015 with options for three additional years. This award process was first announced on April 5, 2013 and took over eight months to complete.

The number of Type 2 helicopters on this new contract, 31, is two less than there were in 2012 and 2013. One of the line items on the bid list, the helicopter at Trimmer, California, was not awarded.

There are 34 larger Type 1 helicopters on contract in 2013.

The Type 2 helicopter models which will be on contract are Bell 205, 210, and 212; you can see the entire list HERE.

Below are the Incident Command System specifications for helicopters, from the Interagency Helicopter Operations Guide, February, 2013.

ICS helicopter specifications


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  1. Pretty tough to do contracts same time every year knowing that there are few, if any changes, except pricing.

    Must be real challenge for 9 ..errr….maybe it is 4…..err is it two?
    Maybe its 3.maybe… get any of the contractors with LAT’s that were sort of ready if IATB and NIAC could get it together….what day is it?

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