Redesigned helitank for Bell 212

Ascent helitank

Ascent Aerospace sent us these photos of their redesigned helitank for a Bell 212, called the Ascent 50001C. The 360-gallon tank is made from carbon fiber and has a retractable snorkle and a system that maps the coordinates of all water drops. The system is certified to allow the transportation of passengers when the helitank is installed.

The company told us the tank is certified to the latest FAA FAR 27/29 STC requirements for helicopter safety and crash worthiness. It received Supplementary Type Certification (STC) from the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) on June 19, 2013 and from Transport Canada on November 1, 2013. FAA STC certification will be underway in the near future.

Ascent helitank

One thought on “Redesigned helitank for Bell 212”

  1. Ascent’s WWL is quite possibly the best-equipped 212 flying in North America today. Congratulations to Ascent; this has been a lot of work over the past several years. Your tank’s demonstrated performance in BC & Alaska shows that more than any other component of a helitanker/airtanker, the tank design determines the value of the platform.

    The fixed-wing airtanker industry (a couple of operators duly excepted) could learn some lessons here.

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