2 thoughts on “LA County helicopters appear in GE ad”

  1. After attending GE T700 Field Maintenance Course in Ohio…..BITD

    I can attest to why GE ought to be proud in its lineage of helicopter engines that support Wildland fire…

    Not to mention the venerable CT7 ( the civilian version of the ‘700) which powered the Saab 340 series aircraft and other regional operators including Mesaba Airlines amongst others….

    A great engine and great to work on ……..and once again not cheap when engines needed replacement

    Say what you want about GE …….kept the Army and USAF flying……just like Pratt and Whitney and Lycoming (Honeywell) T53 and T55 series that did likewise…

  2. LA residents don’t know how lucky they are to have the Hawaiian Fly’n when they need him. Great Ad.

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