Photos of exhibits at Aerial Firefighting conference

exhibit area
Overview of a section of the exhibit area.

These photos were taken in the exhibit area of the Aerial Firefighting conference in Sacramento, March 19-20, 2014.

Berief Be-200
Beriev, the the company that manufactures the Be-200, the amphibious, jet-powered, scooping air tanker, had a flight simulator at their booth.
insertion extrication basket
A collapsable device, like an upside-down umbrella, that could be used to insert or extricate firefighters by helicopter.
BlazeTamer makes a water enhancement product.

DynCorp Conair and Thrush

MAFFS Fire Boss
MAFFS, a new company formed to market the Modular Airborne FireFighting System, had a display adjacent to Fire Boss, the manufacturer of a single engine air tanker.
Nitrofirex has a design for a fleet of unmanned air tankers.
Wayne and Britt Coulson. Their company operates firefighting helicopters and Tanker 131, a C-130Q. And formerly, the Martin Mars.
California Aerospace Museum
A dinner was held at the California Aerospace Museum, hosted by DynCorp.


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  1. Great pictures and great commentary. In my opinion, this was a very productive and informative conference.

  2. These photos could have been taken in 2007 (or earlier!) without much difference between what was available then vs what is available today.

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