Video: firefighting helicopters in Australia

Martin Greenwood, a volunteer firefighter with the Australian Capital Territory Rural Fire Service in Australia sent us the video above that he put together of firefighting helicopters down under.

Another video he made that features mostly ground-based firefighting is at Wildfire Today.

Thanks Martin!

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One thought on “Video: firefighting helicopters in Australia”

  1. For information the tanked helicopter shown in this video is a Bell 412 operated by Wildcat Helicopters who are based in Kelowna British Columbia, Canada. The aircraft is subcontracted by an Australian company under contract to the National Aerial Firefighting Centre (NAFC) but is managed by the local fire authority during its operating period.

    These aircraft attract funding support from the Australian Commonwealth Government to the tune of approximately 50% of the daily standing charge of the aircraft. The remaining standing charges and all operational costs are borne by the State or Territory fire authority.

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