Photos from the Marines during their fire fight

When Marines are involved in a fire fight, it usually means bullets, not flames, are in the air. There have been at least 22 military aircraft available for fighting the wildfires in southern California over the last five days, from Camp Pendleton and the Marine Corps Air Station at Miramar. The latter has an official Twitter account where we found these photos:

Here is a bonus video:

One thought on “Photos from the Marines during their fire fight”

  1. As a retired firefighter (30 years) and a current part-time (AD) support person with the Forest Service, I want to state I was at Base Camp/Lake O’Neil from the Tomahawk Fire through the transition to the Basilone Complex. When the Pulgas Fire threatened the Base Camp, the Marines went to work. I watched no less than six Marine helicopters (UH-1, CH-43 & UH-60’s) make dips, drops and back again to do the same for hours. It reminded me of scenes from “Apocalypse Now”. Meanwhile, smoke and ash was dropping on Camp, but we were not concerned for our safety, as these fine and well trained pilots and crew were up to the job and did it well.
    Never doubt our military pilots. They can complete a mission no doubt. Job well done!

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