Forest Service publishes info on aerial firefighting resources

USFS air tanker graphic
A portion of a US Forest Service graphic.

We have not seen the U.S. Forest Service bragging about their aerial firefighting resources much since the fleet was eviscerated after 2002 to about eight last year. But since they added five jet-powered air tankers to the fleet in the last week, they felt confident to produce a graphic promoting the aircraft. Above is a portion of the graphic; you can see the entire document at the USFS website.


Thanks and a hat tip go out to Leo.

4 thoughts on “Forest Service publishes info on aerial firefighting resources”

  1. Maybe the rash of fires in San Diego had the beneficial effect of prompting USFS to get real serious about just how bad this fire season is likely to be. The season has started early and much of the west is dry as a bone. The tankers will, I am sure, see a lot of use this year

  2. Under HEAVY HELICOPTERS, the USFS flyer says “Types Include:” and then “CH-53D.” Is there a civilian Stallion/Jolly on contract somewhere? Or is that just wishful thinking on the Feds part??

    1. I remember seeing one many years ago at Fox Tanker Base. It was painted red, white, and blue.

  3. Rogers Helicopter, Clovis Ca? The number 53 refers to the number of mechanic hours (at least) required for each flight hour. Only the Military. Thirteen tankers (13) this season minus a few each day for maintenance and schedule days off. 44 looks a lot better to me. For the average Jane or Joe on the street (politicians) thirteen air tankers? The poster is a collectors item.

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