Colorado seeks bids for helicopters

A K-MAX helicopter working the Myrtle Fire
A K-MAX helicopter working the Myrtle Fire in South Dakota, July 19, 2012. Photo by Bill Gabbert for Fire Aviation.

The State of Colorado has taken another affirmative step toward acquiring a fire aviation fleet. They have advertised for bids to provide up to three helicopters. There are two announcements, one for a Type 2 helicopter, and another for “up to two” Type 3 helicopters.

The bid due date is June 13, and the state expects the one-year contract to begin on July 1, 2014.

Their plan was to contract for three or four helicopters in 2014 and up to four large air tankers in 2015 and beyond.
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4 thoughts on “Colorado seeks bids for helicopters”

  1. State of Colorado (3 helicopters)….

    One forest in SoCal (1Type 2, 1 Type 3, 2 Type 1’s).

    Congrats to CO for providing less helicopter aerial resources than a small 600,000 acre forest in SoCal does.

  2. Ken

    If this were the Feds ….I could understand your sentiment.

    We in some States are starting from scratch due budgets and some of those States probably are developing better contract formalities to ensure that there process is not as messed up as a current system of getting large airtankers

  3. I would think that it would be a little late in the year to put together a helitack program, and it will be interesting to see how the contracting process (less than a month to complete!) compares to the FS (up to a year or more!)

  4. In some States it ought to be simpler than the current Fed system….

    States I know already go by current USFS and DOI contracts

    Some States I know do not have time or luxuries of heavy upper level of management to “run” an aviation nor do some States have the luxuries of staffing at every level like the Feds nor are there many advertisements for aviation positions or PD’s being developed .

    That is where some of those studies be directed………Picking up and funding where things are truly needed.

    I am sure a rudimentary helitack program can be brought and put together by cooperator States.

    What CO really does not need to worry about is …..helirappel folks in the first 3 to 5 yrs and fancy eschelons (sp) above reality to get a program running according to living with their own realistic budgeting…..

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