Air Force to buy seven retardant tanks for C-130Hs

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The U.S. Air Force has announced that they will soon be soliciting bids for retardant tank systems for seven C-130H aircraft. These would presumably be installed in the C-130Hs the Coast Guard disposed of and “gave” to the U.S. Forest Service to be converted into air tankers. The Air Force is responsible for the retrofitting and maintenance that must be completed before the aircraft are finally turned over to the USFS, expected to occur in 2018 or later.

More information is at the link above, but below are some details:

This constitutes notice that WRALC has a requirement for design, manufacture, and installation of a 3,500 gallon Retardant Delivery System (RDS) for seven (7) HC-130H aircraft. There will be a basic contract with one (1) trial kit/install, one (1) verification kit/install, and three (3) production kits/install. There will be an option for two (2) additional production kits/installs. Effort includes but is not limited to: RDS development, manufacture and installation, structural modifications, and maintenance and inspection plans.

The successful offeror will be chosen using the Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) source selection procedure.

Based on market research, the Government is not using the policies contained in Part 12, Acquisition of Commercial Items, in its solicitation for the described supplies or services.

The estimated release date is 25 Aug 14 with a required response date of 30 days after issuance.

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9 thoughts on “Air Force to buy seven retardant tanks for C-130Hs”

  1. Good thing the Capital building isn’t on fire. It’s positive that the airplanes might end up fighting fires someday, but 4 years to get done what a civilian contractor could do in 2 years or less. The government has way to much paper work and upper management to be productive.

  2. Gee, lets not make too easy. RADS, of course is the best choice IMHO I have little confidence in this whole thing, however…

  3. Oh I have confidence , TG

    Confidence in the the work folks at Warner-Robinson do

    I have less confidence in the “new owners.”

    Unless it gets handed off to Lockheed, DynCorp, or somebody with REAL C130 operational experience…..managing….well….anyone cave man can do that!

    1. Yep I agree, Leo, that was my point. getting the required mods are the sticking point not the mods themselves.
      There will be a whole lot of retardant out the tank by 2018 or-“later”.

  4. Coulson and DynCorp entered into an agreement last March to work together.
    I’m sure they could handle this. However they might get frustrated with the slow time schedule that was announced for this refit.

  5. Guess who could of built them? Aero union… Anyone ohhh wait the usfs shut them down for no reason that’s right. And guess who built the rads 1 tanks??? Aero union that’s right one of dale newtons many saving grace designs. I guess coulson owns the rights to the rads 1 now so good luck coulson it’s a more than proven system that always performs.

    1. I thought that Air Spray acquired the RADS tank patents, with the purchase of the AU facility. No?

      1. I believe Coulson got the rights to RADS1, and Universal/Blue got the rights to RADS2 and MAFFs. Anyone else have any confirmation?

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