4 thoughts on “Video: Tanker 101 at La Grande, Oregon”

  1. I live in Northeast Oregon near La Grande. LOTS of fires for 101 and others to work. Looking at his right turn after takeoff I’m guessing he was headed to the 5 Mile Fire which is threatening the town of Imnaha, Oregon in the Wallowa Whitman National Forest. At least 6 very active wildland fires being worked in the region. Not enough ground crews so they are looking for all the tankers they can find. Over the past week I’ve seen SEATS, P2V’s, a BAE and now the MD-87. Hope they can stay in this area and not get timed out.

  2. I was at church when I heard the distinctive sound of those big P&W Jets! Get’em boys! Looks to be able to handle LGD
    very well…

  3. 2 loads went to an initial attack fire, Badger Butte 2, then we went to Somers Point fire in Hell’s Canyon for the last load of the day. Able to haul full fuel and all 4000 gallons from La Grande. Upper 80s or lower 90s at takeoff, I can’t remember exactly.

  4. Those are impressive numbers. The only air tankers in the world of aerial fire fighting that accomplished those figures are the (one) KC 97, Martin Mars, and the Evergreen 747, all part of history. Today the DC 10’s fills the top slot for mega-haulers.

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