Three DC-10 air tankers at Castle

Tankers 919, 911, 912 at Merced 8-30-2014
Tankers 910, 911, and 912 at Castle Airport, 8-30-2014. Photo by 10 Tanker.

On August 30 the latest DC-10 air tanker to be retrofitted, Tanker 912, joined its’ sisters, T-910 and T-911 at Castle Airport near Merced, California. It has been carded by the U.S. Forest Service and is ready to go, according to 10 Tanker Air Carrier.

3 thoughts on “Three DC-10 air tankers at Castle”

  1. Plz help me find a model plane kit 910 or 911 for my grandson who toured the tanker air cargo firefighter plane. Thanks

  2. DRAW decal makes a kit for the DC-10. Several different scales available. I know Hasegawa makes a 1:200 scale kit. Ebay is probably the best best. Or there may be a wood model you could paint/decal. Good luck!

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