Scooper drops on ship fire

scooper dropping on ship fire

Mario mc112 (@eb4ewl) sent out these photos on Twitter, saying:

Normalmente son I.forestales pero si hay que apagar un incendio en un barco…pues se apaga!!! Croacia.Mar Adriatico

I believe the aircraft is a CL 415.

scooper dropping on ship fire

Thanks Mario mc112 and Isaac ✈ Alexander (@jetcitystar).

6 thoughts on “Scooper drops on ship fire”

  1. look at the second pic,,it appears the drop is being made off to the side of the ship,,im wondering if this is a foam of some type to contain fuel oil or other bad liquid so it keeps the environmental ramifications to a minimum?

  2. There’s a followup tweet saying that this event occurred in 2008 and linking to video of the drops. . The ship in question is a Roll On- Roll Off (RORO) cargo ship that would typically be carrying vehicles, construction equipment, loaded trailers, or other rolling stock.

  3. Looks like they are just attempting to cool it down. In the end ship fires are often self extinguishing, the ship sinks.

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