Throwback Thursday: Monsanto ad

Vintage Monsanto ad for Phos-Chek.

For Throwback Thursday, here is a look at a vintage ad in which Monsanto is advertising Phos-Chek fire retardant. The ad includes the date, 1977.

The aircraft appears to be a C-119 which last flew over fires when? In the late 1980s? I seem to remember that one fell apart in mid-air while I was fighting one of the hundreds of lightning-caused fires in northern California in 1987. (UPDATE Nov. 21, 2014: we heard from Dale, who told us: “You are correct about the year of the C-119 crash in Northern California. There were 3 people on the airtanker when it crashed. The next day, Buzz Dyer, the USFS Airtanker Program Manager grounded all C-119’s from flying for the FS again.”

You can still see two C-119s at the Greybull Rest Area in Wyoming.

C-119 on final, about to drop on a fire, ~1972. Photo by Bill Gabbert.

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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Monsanto ad”

  1. There was several C 119 crashes prior to grounding. Banning Pass, San Bernardino County and Tehachapi Mountains, Kern County The tanker in the picture was operated by Aero Union tanker 13 or 14? The C 119 was a popular tanker (with jet) good roll and pitch, 2400 gallons. Four air tanker operators flew them Aero Union, later Hemet Valley, Hawkins and Powers and T&G Aviation, Az.

  2. TBM Inc. operated one for one season out of Porterville. Tanker 88, It came apart in the air several years later near Frazier Park. Pretty much the same flight characterstics as the C-123, climb 140kts, cruise 130 or less.

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