Aero-Flite moving to Spokane

The company that operates Avro RJ-85 air tankers is moving from Kingman, Arizona to Spokane, Washington. Aero-Flite announced Thursday that it is moving its corporate headquarters and tanker fleet to Spokane International Airport.

The company expects to bring 17 mechanics and 5 management personnel with them, and will also be hiring additional mechanics and some pilots, said Todd Woodard, a spokesman for the airport.

This year Aero-Flight added at least two converted Avro RJ-85s (converted by Conair) and one CL-415 to their fleet. They also operate five Canadair CL-215s. according to their web site.

The video below is a report from KXLY about the company’s move to Spokane.

The next video was uploaded on August 13, 2014 and primarily covers the large amount of retardant that was loaded at Moses Lake. At about 1:32 it features one of the Avro RJ-85 air tankers.

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10 thoughts on “Aero-Flite moving to Spokane”

  1. Isn’t this two year old news that has been developing in slow motion? Con, er, AeroFlite has owned hangar space in Spokane and maintained a presence there for at least that long. I believe this inevitable move was all sorted out as part of the acquisition deal when AeroFlite was initially bought. Perhaps the news is that the Kingman base is finally being closed, rather than a new Spokane base being opened.

  2. Too bad the clip shown while mentioning Spokane Community College’s Aviation Program wasn’t of it’s students or facility. Good news for Spokane and development of Geiger.

  3. Aero-flite only operates 3 CL-215s…NOW …..Minnesota is not renewing there contract sounds like somebody tried to get greedy! If I was a betting man the Fireboss might takeover! Best of luck to the flight /maintenance crews that worked on the Mn A/C for the last 13 years.

  4. Maybe MN contracted CL 215 is meeting the same fate as the NC contracted CL215………time life limits on the airframe

    Reaaaaallly have to debate where greed has a damned thing to do with it

    Folks here really got it out for aircraft contractors……..we really get it after Iron 44……now everyone is is a scheister?

    Let us see how it all works out if , hypothetically, air resources sit it out for a season or two……

    Then the bellyaching would really start up……..wheeeeeere are all the airtankers????? Whaaaaa

    Yup…….everyone is GREEDY in the LAT industry…..


  5. why are your 4 fire fighting planes just sitting at Spokane international airport and not being deployed on the fires that have killed 3 firefighters so far and all the loss of family homes. Please just tell me why you are just sitting there not doing a dang thing

    Thank you for your time
    A very worried citizen

    1. Kym

      Aeroflite’s CL-415s 261 and 262 left Spokane yesterday to work the Carpenter Road fire NW of Spokane. They are now based with 260 in Moses Lake.

  6. The USFS is the one who contracts the planes and pays for them…Do not think for one second some company would have multiple or one multi million dollar aircraft sitting on the ground costing them money.If it was there decision they would have contracts in place for all of there aircraft and earning them money.Probably a better idea to ask your government why the planes are not all utilized.

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