Large air tankers to be introduced to the Australia media

T-131 (B390) and T-162 Avalon Airport
T-131 (B390) and T-162 at the Avalon Airport in Victoria. Photo by Wayne Rigg

The two large air tankers that are under contract to Victoria for their 2014/2015 summer bushfire season will be introduced to the Australian media on Tuesday. Conair’s Tanker 162, an RJ-85, and Coulson’s Tanker 131, a C-130Q (known in Australia as Bomber 390), will be at the Avalon airport Tuesday, December 16 at 10 a.m. local time. In addition to the two large air tankers, seven other aircraft will be available including two other air tankers and some helicopters, including Coulson’s S-61 (known in Australia as HT347).

T-131 departing for Australia. Photo by Britt Coulson.
T-131 conducting a demonstration drop
T-131 conducting a demonstration drop in Victoria. It is sporting the Emergency Management Victoria logo and its down under ID number, Bomber 390. Photo by Wayne Rigg.

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7 thoughts on “Large air tankers to be introduced to the Australia media”

  1. The following websites shows the aircraft on standby in Victoria (Australia).
    [link no longer works]

    Bomber – AT-802 and Dromaders
    Bomber 390 Coulsons C-130Q
    Bomber 391 Conair RJ-85
    Firebird – AS350, 206, 206L (Firebird 327 and 328 are AS350 B3 fitted with belly tanks)
    Helitack – Bell 212’s and a 412
    Helitack 341 and 342 – Air Cranes
    Helitack 347 and 348 – S-61

  2. If you click on “Current Dispatch” it has a list of aircraft on standby and there locations (both on the list and map). A lighting storm has gone through today so numerous aircraft have been deployed.

  3. “Conair’s Tanker 162, a BAe-146”

    Tanker 162 is an RJ-85. Although a derivative of the -146, the Avro-built version has increased performance & capability over the BAe product. Tankers 160 & 161 are also RJ-85s.

  4. After the media launch today Bomber 390 (C-130Q) and Bomber 391 (RJ-85) have been deployed to a fire at Wodonga.

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