Large air tankers are put to work in Australia

Bomber 390, tanker 131

Since they started on contract a couple of weeks ago, the two large air tankers currently working in Victoria, Australia are being used on a regular basis to help firefighters on the ground knock down bushfires . The two aircraft are an RJ-85, known as Bomber 391 (Tanker 161), and a C-130Q, called Bomber 390 (Tanker 131). These first two photos show the C-130Q.

Bomber 390, tanker 11

The next two photos, we are told, are examples of how the retardant dropped by the planes slowed down, or stopped in some places, fires spreading through grass. These last two photos were taken by Lee Gleeson, Air Attack Supervisor with the DEPI in Victoria.

air tanker drop

air tanker drop

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  1. While other sites who report wild fires and associated resources hibernate, Wildfire Today is hard at keeping folks informed. Thanks to the staff and have another good year. “something on my nose”?

  2. Today the two large air tankers went interstate for fight a fire near Adelaide – South Australia. The distance from Avalon to Adelaide would be 600+ km (1200 km round trip). They dropped 2 loads on the fire and flew to Avalon to refill.

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