Video: Blackhawks dropping on Oklahoma fire

Most of this video shot from an aerial platform Sunday afternoon shows general footage of a wildfire burning in Logan County, Oklahoma, but at the beginning and again at about 7:30 it has shots of two National Guard Blackhawk helicopters dropping on the fire. On most of the scenes they show where the water lands, rather than, like most news footage, continuing to follow the aircraft as it leaves the fire.

Three blazes in the area burned a total of about 1,300 acres, destroyed several structures, and required the closure of an interstate highway.

Below is an excerpt from an article at News9:

A voluntary evacuation order was issued for residents living east of Choctaw Rd., north of Prairie Grove Rd. all the way to highway 105 and on the north, as well as at Triple X Rd. on the east; a total of approximately four square miles, including the town of Meridian, Okla. The evacuation order was lifted just after 5:30 p.m.

The Oklahoma Red Cross opened a wildfire evacuation center at the First Christian Church, located at 402 E. Noble, in Guthrie.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) had to shut down Interstate 35 in both directions, at mile marker 163, due to multiple car crashes in the area caused by the wild fire crossing the highway. Troopers reopened I-35 in both directions around 4:30 p.m. The highway was closed for approximately one hour and fourteen minutes.

The first fire started in the area of Hiwassee in Guthrie and stretched to Henney Rd. in Coyle. Firefighters contained the fire shortly after it began. Then a second fire sparked in the area of Redland Rd. and County Road 0730. A third fire flared up just south of Seward Rd., about two miles west of I-35.

Another video about the Logan County fires is at Wildfire Today.

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  1. Thanks again for the coverage of the Oklahoma fires. Great raw footage by Air 9. Several points, first I had an opportunity fly with the Oklahoma Guard during the Fire Siege 2008 here in California. This Guard Unit (Tulsa) takes their fire fighting very seriously and it shows in their fire suppression work. Second, Sunday on a three day Federal holiday and these folks are “pounding away” at these fires less than two hours after the fires started. Finally, one of the Blackhawk’s buckets (maybe both hawks) are equipped with FireSock (s). This is the flapping device just outside the rubber valve (bottom) of the Bambi. When using class A foam this combination make the helicopter a fire killing machine. A five gallon bucket of (enough for one fuel cycle) class A foam, valve, and fifty feet of common garden hose (nylon ties) running down into the bucket is certainly worth the effort. If the “blow-over from the top of the bucket looks like foam it probably was.

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