Former USFS pilots criticize the retirement of the last DC-3

C-23B Sherpa
One of the fifteen C-23B Sherpa aircraft that were transferred from the U.S. Army to the U.S. Forest Service. They will be used for hauling smokejumpers and cargo, replacing the 70-year old DC-3 and four C-23A aircraft. USFS photo.

They argue that it is no longer a DC-3 and became a BT-67 when new engines were installed, but retired pilots Barry Hicks and Dick Hulla feel strongly that the last DC-3 the U.S. Forest Service still uses for transporting smokejumpers is not too old at the age of 70 and should not be retired. This is scheduled to be the last fire season for the last remaining DC-3 in the USFS fleet. In an article in the Missoulian, Mr. Hulla said, “It’s going to be flying for 50 years.”

Below is an excerpt from the article:

…Hulla and Hicks argue that while Jump 15 was built in 1945 and has been flying for 18,800 hours, its critical parts are just 5,800 hours old. That makes it younger than most of the other smokejumper aircraft currently in service.

And they add that its larger passenger capacity, stronger airframe and longer flying range make it a better choice than the more recently built Sherpa paratrooper planes the Forest Service plans to replace Jump 15 with.

The two Missoula men bring some extensive credentials to the table. Hulla retired in 2008 as the supervisory pilot for Forest Service Region 1 after a career jumping out of and then flying the BT-67.

Hicks retired in 2003 as regional aviation officer for the Forest Service, with a smokejumping career that goes back to the Ford Tri-motor…

The USFS intends to use some of the fifteen C-23B Sherpa aircraft they recently acquired from the Army to replace the DC-3 and the four C-23As they have had for a while. Compared to the C-23A, the C-23B has a rear cargo ramp that can be opened during flight, inward-opening paratroop doors, and stronger landing gear.

Thanks and a tip of the hat go out to Dick.

3 thoughts on “Former USFS pilots criticize the retirement of the last DC-3”

  1. The DC-3 has a long and honorable history but sooner or later the time to move on to newer and better things come.

  2. You can’t replace solid and reliable, the DC 3. If these seasoned fire pilots Hulla and Hicks felt that the DC 3 was safe and serviceable for another …years maybe someone should have been a little more respectable of their opinions.
    Change for change sake? Are the Feds getting hung up on an aircrafts age, built in 1945 so what. B 52’s are still front line A.F. heavy bombers. Age, one of the most in demand airshow act in the nation/world today is Matt Younkin’s, 1943 Twin Beach, Magic by Moonlight. The airplane is a STOCK Beechcraft Model 18. Just like the airplane used by the jumpers.

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