Drones may assist lifeguards in Chile and Iran

It is impressive to see the various uses innovators are developing for drones. Above, a Chilean company is hoping drone technology can help save lives. Drones fitted with a float, camera, microphone and speaker are being tested on the beaches of Algarrobo to help lifeguards rescue bathers who get into difficulties in the sea.

In the video below Iran’s RTS Labs’ Pars drone carries a payload of life preservers to a drowning swimmer far faster than a lifeguard. They found after testing in the Caspian Sea that the drone can also work at night using bright lights, biothermal sensors, and a built-in camera to stream video to rescuers on shore.

It seems to be inevitable that eventually government agencies will develop rules and procedures to enable drones to safely provide to fire managers real time situational awareness of wildfires and prescribed fires.

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