Four air tankers at Alamogordo Tanker Base

T-43 p2v
Tanker 43 at Alamogordo, NM. Photo by Jason Floyd.

Jason Floyd sent us this photo, saying:

Drove by the Alamogordo, NM Airtanker Base this last weekend to see if they were ready. Much to my surprise Neptune had 4 P2V’s ready to go.

8 thoughts on “Four air tankers at Alamogordo Tanker Base”

  1. APRIL FOOL, right? The tankers are there but not on contract. Alamogordo was the home of Black Hills Aviation who operated P2V’s for years. Probably a less hostile environment to perform outdoor winter maintenance than Montana.

    1. JC – Neptune does have a maintenance facility in Alamogordo. The FS also has a tanker base there.

  2. I believe Tanker 5 is already on contract and Tanker 43 and 6 will be on in the next couple months.

  3. Yesterday (4-4-15) T 44 with Cal Fire Tanker 72 from Porterville took action on a fire in the Kings Canyon N.P. twenty acres, contained.

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