Tanker 912 arriving in Medford, Oregon

air tanker 912 DC-10
Tanker 912, a DC-10, arriving in Medford, OR June 17, 2015. Photo by Tim Crippin.

Tim Crippin sent us this photo, along with a description:

Tanker 912 arriving in Medford just before noon today (June 17th) for the Buckskin fire. It worked along with Tanker 161 to drop retardant on the east and south containment lines in preparation for a planned burnout tomorrow.

The following morning, June 18, it was dispatched to the Lake Fire in southern California east of San Bernardino and had an ETA of noon. Air Attack on the Lake Fire requested for it arrive with a load of retardant. Air Attack said that fire has the potential to grow to 50,000 acres in two days.

Thanks Tim.