4 thoughts on “LA County helicopters assist firefighters at fire along the 14 Freeway”

  1. Can someone answer this since I’m old and slow – how much water is the H60 carrying verus the UH1. Also do the agencies flying these helos, LA County and LA City Fire use different approaches in the way the fight and fly? ie… approaches and altitudes of the drop seem to be very different between the two helos. Or is it just different pilots looking at differently? I understand most of the variables, but it seems they are very different in their approach of the attack. Does look like they got the fire out!

  2. nice video..one thing that struck me was how the mist did such a good job verses a low level water mass (right word or wrong?)that just dumps water on the ground….for years ive had friends and just people who would ask why ,in a structure fire..woould we use a mist (fog) to put a fire out…ive already shared this video with friends,hoping they could see it and understand.

    1. Agree Dave, from my comfy armchair, I initially thought that the drops were far too high & fast to be effective, but watching the water disperse as it fell, it did a wonderful job of suppressing the candling oak/juniper/whatever that was posing the largest threat to fire spread. Imagine it was a tried & tested method.

      It seemed to be a textbook example of aircraft and ground crews working in close cooperation to suppress a fire. I also noticed how the crews were working very close to the drops…and not standing around watching the airshow nor retreating off the fireline for exaggerated safety.

      Nice job to all involved. Thanks for sharing the video.

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