Martin Mars completes first mission on BCWS contract

Martin Mars after July 18 mission
Martin Mars on Sproat Lake after a July 18, 2015 mission. Coulson Photo.

On Saturday, July 18, the Martin Mars flying boat completed its first mission under their new 30-day contract with the British Columbia Wildfire Service. According to Coulson Flying Tankers, the owner of the water-scooping air tanker that can hold up to 7,200 gallons, the aircraft flew a total of 8 hours. Of that, 4 was spent ferrying across the province and back, and the other 4 was used to drop 9 loads of water for a total of 52,800 gallons. They did it without having to land and refuel.

Coulson said the aircraft dropped 158,503 gallons in one day on fires near Lake Shasta in northern California in 2008. In the late 1970s, according to the Coulson company, the Hawaii Mars dropped 200,000 gallons in one day.

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6 thoughts on “Martin Mars completes first mission on BCWS contract”

  1. Once again….

    A non ” Next Gen” radial engine, non Jet A burning aircraft rides the skies

    Seeing that old beauty must just be sticking in the craw of many a folk!

    Great work, Coulson!

  2. Great to see the Mars being utilized again. If they were to actually use a water- enhancing gel as part of that delivery, they could increase the efficiency of that aircraft by up to two times. That would give the best bang for the firefighting buck.

  3. She’s still a beauty and I’m very glad she’s back flying and fighting fires even for her age there’s a reason why she’s still in service compared to other planes of her time and her designer would be proud to know his plane is still flying in the sky today.

  4. It seems that both Canada and the US have issues with the way they contract Air Tankers, not good for the common people. Effective tools that could be used more efficiently and are not. It’s not rocket science, what’s the problem, because it very obvious it’s not right.

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