Infographic about the use of drones

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Ghergich & Co. created this graphic for Vound Software highlighting current laws surrounding drone usage, and what changes we may soon see.

Robots in the Sky: Cracking Down on Drone Law (via Intella Blog)

Robots in the Sky: Cracking Down on Drone Law

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3 thoughts on “Infographic about the use of drones”

  1. This was due to happen

    The laws will increase and folks can blame the FAA for “being slow.”

    Laws, lawyers, and legislation are picking and soon (2-5 yrs) one can bet there will be airmanship requirements that will be mandated by the FAA….the laws will pressure that

    Agencies desiring UAS technology ought NOT be exempt from those up n coming FAA requirements

    Bet on the FAA acting shortly……it only took 4-5 yrs for pilot requiirements to change after the Colgan 3407 regional airline flight

  2. How about putting in the legislation or regulations that any drone found in a TFR, or interfering with emergency or public safety operations will be forfeited to the agency responsible for the incident – might make some low-cost UAS acquisitions for some agencies. Owner has to surrender all controls, accessories, etc. Also, I suspect at least some users are hoping to get the next prize-winning photo and sell it for big bucks, so make it illegal to publish, display, buy, or sell any photos obtained by any UAV operating in violation of a TFR, or over any emergency, fire scene, or similar situation without explicit permission from the IC (so agencies could still utilize them when appropriate). Media might be less inclined to buy a sensational photo if they would be civilly and/or criminally liable for doing so, thus reducing the market for the photos.

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