Air tankers at Medford

T-66 Medford

Tim Crippin took these photos on July 31 of air tankers at Medford, Oregon. Thanks Tim!

T-160 Medford

T-10 Medford

T-162 Medford

T-131 Medford

T-43, Medford

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6 thoughts on “Air tankers at Medford”

  1. The claim before the storm, nice pics! Does anyone know if Coulson’s second C130 is operational?

  2. Question, are the Dougs that are on contract to various states allowed to fly on Fed fires? I always thought that the FS made a big mistake when the decided to not renew any of the DC contracts.

  3. The last I knew here in Oregon the state has exclusive contracts for two of the DC-7s to stay in the state. There is a third that bounces around on federal contract but stays out west in California or Washington state. The two state exclusive 7s are able to work federal fires if there are no federal tankers close enough or there reposition time won’t meet fire needs. I’ve seen them show up in Klamath falls and work a fire for four hours or so until a federal tanker arrives, then they’re back to Medford, Oregon to sit for the state forestry.

  4. Currently the only way the 7’s will fly for federal incidents is if is a “Threat” fire, meaning if lives are in danger. so far there have not been any this year.

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