Helitorch video

The is the best video I have seen of a helitorch in action. Unfortunately, there is no more information available, other than it was posted on YouTube by “brimaviation” about six years ago.

A helitorch uses gasoline, or a mixture of gasoline and diesel, that has been thickened. Land managers don’t like to use the term napalm, but that’s what it is. It’s made by mixing a gelling agent with the fuel. Running a helitorch operation and mixing the stuff without blowing yourself up is very complex.

HelitorchThanks and a tip of the hat go out to Carl.


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  1. The mediums were there for suppression purposes only. The UH-1B was Ambrosini Helicopters, UH-1F was Armstrong Helicopters and the UH-1H/703 was Rampart Helicopter Services.
    The 500’s and 600N are from Brim Aviation.
    This was a contract to burn off vegetation at the old Ft. Ord grounds to allow for discovery of ordinances leftover from the good ol days.

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