Coulson’s L-382G awarded contract in Australia

Coulson T-132 grid test
Coulson’s Tanker 132 during the grid tests in Lancaster, California during the week of May 4, 2015. Coulson photo.

Coulson’s L-382G, a civilian version of Lockheed’s C-130, has received an air tanker contract in New South Wales, Australia, according to a report on the company’s Facebook page. Tanker 132 is due to start there on September 1, so they are prepping it now for the overseas flight. They expect to have it in Sydney in the last week of August.

Coulson says the aircraft has their latest Coulson SMART 4,400-gallon retardant tank system.

air tanker L-382G tank rolling in
The retardant tank rolling into Coulson’s L-382G, Tanker 132. Coulson photo.

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3 thoughts on “Coulson’s L-382G awarded contract in Australia”

  1. Good news, always great to welcome US aircraft to Australia. The local spotters will enjoy photographing it.

  2. Great news for NSW firie’s. What landing requirements are required and how long is the refil time on the ground?. When fully loaded what is the flying time from Sydney to Dubbo…Broken Hill ?

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