CL-415 drops on Johnson Fire

CL-415 Johnson Fire air tanker wildfire

If you look carefully, in this photo supplied by Los Angeles County Air Operations you can see that water is just beginning to be dropped by the CL-415 on the Johnson Fire, September 5, 2015 near Lancaster, California. Click on the photo to see a larger version.

4 thoughts on “CL-415 drops on Johnson Fire”

  1. Hi Bill

    Have you seen or heard any study on the possibility of Scoopers in California?
    Potential scoop areas, etc..

    I understand there might be concerns of mixing waters between lakes threatening wild life habitat…

    But Scoopers in LA and Lake Tahoe show they could cover some areas as helicopters do…


    1. Jerome, I’m not aware of specific studies, but obviously some lakes have been approved for the LA County scoopers, and a few years ago for the Martin Mars.

      Maybe some of our readers have more detailed information.

    2. CL-415s on contract with the USFS operate under a comprehensive aquatic invasive species plan developed from years of successful operation with the MNDNR, Superior NF, Red Lake BIA, WADNR, and Alaska Fire Service BLM. In addition, guidance from Region 4, state and federal biologists, the Seaplane Pilots Association,, 100th Meridian, etc all factor into Aero-Flite’s and the USFS’ plan to ensure CL-415s are not a vector for spreading aquatic invasives. Visual inspections, hot steam washes, and development of onboard inflight sanitation are all pieces to the puzzle to keep this firefighting resource doing what is does best, put water on the fire.

      If reloading from a water source identified to contain a nuisance aquatic invasive, flight crews must observe the same retardant avoidance zones as your S-2s and other airtankers. The aircraft will also be sanitized before moving to another water source.

      In Region 5 water sources are identified and lake coordination plans are developed to compensate for many factors including but not limited to: invasives, recreation, ownership, suitability, etc.

      I have seen you post this concern several times. I hope this answers your question.

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