K-MAX on the Kootenai

K-MAX helicopter
K-MAX assigned to the Kootenai National Forest. Photo by Melinda Horn.

This K-MAX helicopter assigned to the Kootenai National Forest in Montana has an unusual paint job. It looks like it just flew into a retardant drop.

N414 is registered to Central Copters out of Bozeman, Montana.

Thanks and a tip of the hat go out to Melinda and Steve.

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12 thoughts on “K-MAX on the Kootenai”

  1. The hole has covers and won’t bother me as much as the green tape holding the engine cowling on! Unless it was GORRILLA TAPE.

  2. I was curious about these helo and found some interesting info on the net.

    Thirty-eight K-1200 K-MAX helicopters have been built. As of January 2015, 11 of these were not airworthy or have been written off in accidents, 5 are in Limbo at Kaman, and in March 2015 the number of operational K-MAXes was 21. The production line was shut down in 2003, but may restart if the U.S. Marine Corps orders more autonomous K-MAXs.

    Beginning February 2014, Kaman is considering restarting the K-MAX production, having recently received over 20 inquiries for firefighting, logging or industry transport requirements additionally to requests for the military unmanned version. Ten firm orders may convince Kaman to produce K-MAX again. Kaman has received deposits, and if enough orders come through, deliveries could occur by 2017.

    The K-MAX line has flown 300,000 hours as of 2014, and costs $1,200 per flight hour to operate. No price was given.

      1. Gallatin manages two aircraft, the K-Max and a Bell 212 (from InterMountain Helicopters if I remember correctly. For obvious reasons they only rappel out of the 212, haha! They provide the helicopter managers for the K-Max.

        1. Let’s see the 212…I have a couple hours in it but haven’t seen it since it went to Montana. Good machine and a top notch operator.

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