Busy season for smokejumpers

McCall smokejumper
McCall smokejumper
A McCall smokejumper exits from the twin otter using the static line deployed round parachute system. Jumpers utilizing this system exit at an altitude of 1500′ above ground level. credit: McCall smokejumpers via Missoula Smokejumpers Visitor Center and @hammerheadslife310

The U.S. Forest Service reports that their smokejumpers have made 411 jumps on 76 fires this season making it their 3rd busiest in a decade.

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2 thoughts on “Busy season for smokejumpers”

  1. Hey Bill, those numbers for fire jumps for Forest Service smokejumper bases is inaccurate. Region 6 alone (Redmond, NCSB) have staffed over 70 fires this season. Both Redding and Grangeville had a busy summer as well. I would put the numbers more in the 150s’ or so.

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