Smokejumpers attend workshop for ram air canopy transition

Region 1 smokejumpers

The U.S. Forest Service Region 1 smokejumpers (map of R1) just finished a week long workshop, part of the transition from the round parachute canopy to the “square” CR-360 ram air. Jumpers from Missoula, Grangeville, and West Yellowstone completed 140 jumps in three and a half days. During the workshop one group collected flight data using data recorders, and the other group went through a training progression in order to get familiar with the canopy. Not all participants are pictured here for the last flight.

Via smokejumpers_on_ig. Photo credit: T. Navarro

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  1. I know that N115Zulu has been re-engine and has had numerous rebuilds. But the original airframe dates back to 1944 when it was built as a C-47 for military service. Awesome old aircraft still being used by smokejumpers. Somehow the Sherpas will not have the aura the Gooneybirds did

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