Presentations from Night Aerial Firefighting Operations Summit

Presentations from the recent Night Aerial Firefighting Operations Summit are now available. The conference was organized by the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control’s Center of Excellence for Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting held January 27 and 28 at Colorado Mountain College in Rifle, Colorado.

The topics of the presentations posted include night flying helicopter operations in three agencies in southern California, and companies representing the optionally-manned K-Max and the 747 “Supertanker” that is currently being renovated. The Powerpoint about dispatching indicates that most of the dispatch centers involved in night flying operations in southern California were not organized to handle the increased workload in 2015.

 USFS Night Aerial Firefighting OperationsRAVCO-Kmax Unmanned Aerial Firefighting
 Dispatch During Night Operations ASU Night Vision
Ventura County Night Aerial Firefighting OperationsGlobal Super Tanker 
 LA County Night OperationsHelicopter Express Night Operations. 
 UAS Fire Briefing

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2 thoughts on “Presentations from Night Aerial Firefighting Operations Summit”

  1. A few months ago this site reported on the pending sell of a C-119 located in a park somewhere in Wyoming. This was Aero Union Tanker C14 later Hemet Valley was the owner?
    Just returned from Disneyland (Ca. Adventure) where a air attack and smokejumper base has been constructed, Disney style. On the “ramp” is a Cessna 195. Who ever purchased the C 119 may want to make an attempt at Disney to purchase and refurbish display this real piece of fire fighting history. The Cessna 195 has little or no significant to aerial fire fighting. Some very good photos in the smokejumper hanger.

    1. Good idea about a real air tanker at Disneyland.

      The C-119 for sale that we are aware of was at Fox Field near Lancaster, California. It was Tanker 82 formerly operated by Hemet Flying Service. It’s number, N13745, was de-registered with the FAA in 1995. It appears to have sold for $10,400 on February 1.

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